Here you can find a list of known Issues that the crew has ran Into and solved In detail Instructions. If you have a problem please message Paradox on the Website and leave a detail discription of the problem. If a solution has been found, then It will be added here and posted on the forums.

MineCraft Tekkit

  1. Loot Ball crashes server

    We have come to the understanding the a certain device when smashed In Minecraft tends to drop a LOOT BALL which when picked up crashes the server. It Is Important that you avoid picking this loot ball up. Most players that have picked up the LOOT BALL have experienced crashes and failed attempts to try to gain access to the server after invoking event. It Is best when this Item Is seen to call an ADMIN or OP. If and ADMIN or OP Is not present then carefully block of the area with dirt and signs stating to "keep away from the area! Crash hazard present". After It has been sealed off report back to the website and PM a ADMIN. From there we will move to take care of the problem. Thank you!


  2. Server connect error

     When this happens Its best to restart your tekit program. If this does not work fo one reason or some other then restart your entire computer and see If this helps. If the problem countinues then please message an ADMIN with the error code. From there we can look deeper Into te problem.
  3. I cannot connect to the server "Bad login"

     When you lauch tekkit Instead of going to login go to options Instead. From there click on the "Clear Cache" button. This will cause the game to remove files from you tekkit folder. Once you are done login and Tekkit should re-Install the folders removed. Once complete try to connect to the server.
  4. Missing mod files or error code stating missing mod files

     SImple close down the tekkit program. Restart the program and rather then hit login click on the option button. From there click on manual build and you should see a option open up or get darker up top. If you see this that means you may now click on the option up top and change It to the LATEST BUILD for tekkit. Go back and login Into your account. You should see the game updating and adding new stuff. From there you should be able to join our server with no problem.
  5. White screen or blank screen.

    This happens from time to time. When It does contact the admin and we can fix It by simply moving your profile out of the folder and back In once you log In. This normally solves the problem.
  6. Cannot join game because of missing MOD files.

     First find out what version server we are using (should be 3.1.2). Then start your tekkit and go to the options. Once there you will hit and clear cache. This will remove the tekkit files you have. Once that Is done hit manual build and select version 3.1.2 and start your tekkit. This will Install the version of tekkit and you should be ready to play.
  7. Game keeps crashing every 10-15 mins In tekkit server

     What elp Is to uninstall tekkit and delete the tekkit folders as well (back up your pictures) and then uninstall java and delete Its folders In your root folder located In you C: Drive. Once you have done that Install Java and tekkit. Once In game lowe all your video settings to low. This has helped many players we seen with this problem.
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