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 ..Walk down the long road

 It's been a long time since you heard my voice, but yet you have no forgot my ideas, nor forgot your Friends, nor enemies. You have not forgot the times we laughed with each other...and argued just as well. The times we played for hours a day with each other. Competing to stay above and reach the top! Most importantly you have not forgot our goals. We have been divided, and I will do my best to unite us. Though it's been a long time, you have managed without a doubt that we would return. That we would unite and proceed where we left off. So now I will fullfill your wish...I am back. Things will be different. We are more organized. Our goals are right behind the door that awaits us. My question is...





Will you Open It with me?

 "Our Greatest accomplishments will not be what We have done for Ourselfs In This Generation, but more so what We will Create for the Generations to follow"


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